Why do women want to be older?

Everyone knows that people who are older than their wives do not pay attention to sex life, and basically do not live sex! But for women, it can’t be done! There is a saying that women are “30 years old like a wolf, 40 years old like a tiger.” Why do women want to be older? Unlike women, most men are downhill after 30, and women may complain about you at this time. Women are all making good use of the sensory organs. Women are older and have more pursuits for good things. Plus women are sensitive animals, so the most painful thing for men is this stage. Men are usually between read more

Pity to leave to others around, don’t bother old love.

Although it has already broken up, sometimes, especially when a person’s night, I always think of the old lover, remembering the bits and pieces that I used to get along with, sometimes I miss it, sometimes I miss it… Do you always think of an old lover at a certain time? Even if you have a new object around you, do you still remember the old lover? Some people even want to contact the old lover after three trips, and want to greet a good or just say sorry. I always miss the old lover in my heart. No, there is no sense of security. A female friend talks to me about her recent troubles. read more

Do you know these little features of condoms?

Condoms are the most common contraceptive tool for everyone. It is relatively healthy and clean, so it has become one of the tools of choice for many men and women. Then everyone only knows that condoms are used for contraception. Few people know that condoms have other small functions that are not known. It is a good helper for our lives. So what exactly does it have? Look down and you will know. 1. The most annoying thing about the shoe cover artifact is that the shoes will be wet! Although it seems very good to buy a pair of shoe covers, but who likes to put the bag in the day, let’s say read more


连美国最知名的媒体人欧普拉都说:我下载了格雷的全部系列。读的当下,我第一次感受到自己释放了罪恶的快感。究竟为何格雷系列小说,可以获得无国界女性的支持喜爱?除了主角格雷的设定:帅气、迷人、多金、强势之外,是否与世间女子对BDSM的好奇息息相关?。  欢迎进入格雷的成人世界  BDSM,中文翻为皮绳愉虐,就是我们所熟知的SM游戏,其中包含绑缚、支配与臣服、施虐与受虐。常见道具包含了皮革、蜡烛、手铐、鞭子,以及一个对对方身体施予痛楚的男/女人,和另外一个接受痛楚的男/女人。这个本来处于暗流的同好人私密性癖,因为这本畅销小说而成为显学,融入大众文化。在小说中,格雷是因为儿时与母亲好友那段臣服者的创伤,导致他对性产生了独特的癖好,但说到底,很多热衷BDSM的人儿都会跟你说,最终目的不是让对方不舒服,而是由这种极致的身体行为,追求感官的刺激和美好的关系。  跟邻国日本已经将BDSM发展至艺术文化相比,在台湾有此癖好的人并不算太多,但我们还是找到了热衷此道的D先生和X姐,来跟大家聊聊皮绳愉虐如何让性爱常保新鲜,火辣诱人。  打屁股调情  人称东区百人斩的D先生,虽然不是重度BDSM人士,但他非常懂得利用轻度的痛苦愉悦,让性爱更火辣。他一派风流潇洒地说:打屁股绝对是最简单,又最能引起男女热情的举动。当然,试验对方是否喜欢此道也极度重要。调查指出,人类的身体在感受到疼痛时,脑内会施放令人欢愉的脑内啡,就跟运动时一样。而且这项招数无需任何道具,只要拿起妳的手,就可以让性爱加一味,何乐而不为?D先生给的额外招数是,别忘了玩事之后,满怀爱意地用乳液和按摩油替对方按摩,让那臀之痛楚真正成为爱的印记。嘴唇很重要  从小接受西方教育的X姐,对于性爱毫不扭捏,也曾经有两度很认真的BDSM关系,她可以是支配者也可以是臣服者,不管哪种角色,都可以获得愉悦的快感。要玩不一样的床上花招,口爱技术绝对很重要,你要懂得轻吻和舔咬的诀窍,空出来的手也不要浪费,好好展示你的手技,记得不只是用唇和舌,适度加入用牙齿轻咬的微小痛楚,更是召唤高潮的妙招。  把他的眼睛蒙起来  英文是Blindfolds,这个常见的床上招数,背后道理是剥夺视觉感官体验,让对方的触觉和听觉更为敏感。因为不知道你下一步的动作,会让他心生期待,此时放适当的音乐和性感的耳语能够让性爱更加分,蒙眼可以与口爱作完美的结合,更能够让你掌握主控权,享受他在你魅力之下臣服的快感。搭配温热的安全蜡油,更是撩人。绑缚之美  你可以简单地将对方的双手绑在背后,或是进阶版地将他绑在床或椅子上,循序渐进地触摸对方的身体,让他感受到无能为力的兴奋感(反之亦然)。这个游戏可以在任何场景中成立,你可以挑逗、亲吻绑住双手的一方,让他或她的欲望瞬间爆发,却无法动弹,情欲更加乘。  你可以让自己更性感  在新版以格雷为叙事观点的小说中,不断提到安娜下意识咬嘴唇的动作,让我欲火焚身。是的,咬嘴唇很重要,如果不知道该怎么咬,请参见电影版女主角Dakota read more

How to break the husband’s life too ordinary

Marriage is something that most people have to experience. Is it really a grave of love as everyone says? In fact, the reason why many married couples feel that marriage is not happy, there is a reason related to gender health. Couples’ sexual life is too dull and lacks corresponding stimulation, so the relationship between husband and wife will definitely fade. But it doesn’t matter, this is to teach you some ways to break the life of a couple. Romantic romantic sex is not happy and atmosphere, slow down the pace step by step: watch a movie, eat a big meal, open music, light a candle, read more

Method of improving the quality of sex by external force

How can a man give women a longer time to live in sex? A very effective way is timing. It doesn’t sound romantic at all, but it works very well. I recommend that men put a watch on the bed. In this way, he can look up from time to time in sex. There is an interesting phenomenon. When men’s sexual desires arise, they have great errors in their judgment of time, as if they are in a different time zone than women. The man seems to have been continually caressing for ten to fifteen minutes, in fact only a minute or two. If you really care for ten to fifteen minutes, men can begin to read more

The hottest “hook” line on a woman

What attracts men by virtue of women: The cleavage of women’s plump breasts naturally forms a gully, which is the cleavage that men are very familiar with. The cleavage always gives people an irresistible temptation, which is a good reflection of a woman’s femininity and sensuality. Men feel that women’s cleavage makes people feel kind and makes women’s motherhood to the fullest. Seeing the cleavage is like seeing the white and tender breasts. I can’t help but want to caress. I want to hold it up and kiss me. What attracts a man by virtue of the woman: the clavicle read more

Counting eight unrelated love relationships

Love is good, but if you are engaged in a love that has no results, it can only bring you pain. Don’t tell me you don’t know if you will have results. Many things can be foreseen in advance. First, you care about the other side. You are in love, but you are not sure about the other person’s thoughts; you think that you are very suitable, he seems to disagree; when he is not there, you miss him very much. When you are not there, he seems to have no difference. What does this mean? If two people are distracted, can they walk together?” Sometimes there will be a situation read more

How do you communicate with each other when you are blind?

The remaining men and women are already very common, so many people like to know which one they belong to through the dating websites of major websites. But every time I meet, I don’t know what to say, so each time I meet, I end up failing. Let Xiaobian tell you how to do it! “Body language” is more able to speak and shows that “body language” can often send more information to the other party and express more rich emotions. Therefore, if your verbal ability is average, then remember: on the first date, what you said will hardly produce something that can be surprising. read more

Men and women will pay attention to each other when kissing.

A study published in the United States reveals the basic way humans express love —— kissing some mysteries related to gender. According to the US “Washington Post” report, in the human world, the use of kisses to express feelings is almost universal. About 90% of human culture contains this content. Helen ·, an anthropologist at Rutgers University in the United States, said that she does not agree that kissing is an evolution of the behavior of feeding a woman from mouth to mouth. Fisher believes that kissing is related to choosing the right spouse. She pointed out that the read more