Men and women will pay attention to each other when kissing.

A study published in the United States reveals the basic way humans express love —— kissing some mysteries related to gender. According to the US “Washington Post” report, in the human world, the use of kisses to express feelings is almost universal. About 90% of human culture contains this content. Helen ·, an anthropologist at Rutgers University in the United States, said that she does not agree that kissing is an evolution of the behavior of feeding a woman from mouth to mouth. Fisher believes that kissing is related to choosing the right spouse. She pointed out that the area of ​​the brain responsible for processing signals from the mouth is disproportionately large. “If you look at the brain area map that is responsible for processing the body information, you will find that a large piece of information is dedicated to receiving information from the lips and tongue.” Susan ·, associate professor of psychology at Albright College in Pennsylvania; Hughes and colleagues present three hypotheses: people may think of kissing as a means of assessing their spouse; kissing helps to connect with each other; kissing is just to stimulate sexual desire , increase the chance of making love. The findings of 1041 students at the State University of New York at Albany supported the three hypotheses. They found that women pay more attention to the taste of the kissing subject than men. Hughes said: “This suggests that women may use kissing more as a means of assessment.” In addition, more women say they would refuse to have sex with someone who has a bad kissing technique. Men are more inclined to expect to have sex after kissing. Men think that this will happen in about half of the cases, and women think that only one-third of them will. California State University’s Beverly · Palmer said: “When a woman kisses a man for the first time, she is not necessarily sending out the message “Let’s move on to the next step” —— but men will think so.”