The hottest “hook” line on a woman

What attracts men by virtue of women: The cleavage of women’s plump breasts naturally forms a gully, which is the cleavage that men are very familiar with. The cleavage always gives people an irresistible temptation, which is a good reflection of a woman’s femininity and sensuality. Men feel that women’s cleavage makes people feel kind and makes women’s motherhood to the fullest. Seeing the cleavage is like seeing the white and tender breasts. I can’t help but want to caress. I want to hold it up and kiss me. What attracts a man by virtue of the woman: the clavicle of the clavicle body is s-shaped, and the cross is placed in front of the upper part of the thorax. It is said that the two long bones under the neck are white. The clavicle bulge forms a clavicle groove with the upper skin. The clavicle sulcus is one of the most beautiful landscapes of women’s bodies, which can make women more elegant. The clavicle sulcus will inadvertently add endless temptation. Men think that the neck that is tight and has no flesh can make the clavicle groove the perfect presentation. They think that the clavicle groove is connected to the shoulder, and it directly outlines the temperament and curve of the upper body of the woman. When breathing, the looming clavicle ditch has a fascinating charm. What attracts men to women: The spine sulcus is the backbone, which is the backbone of our body, located in the middle of the back. The gully formed by the spine and the skin on both sides is the sexy and invincible spine groove. With this spine groove, the woman’s body looks more slender and stylish. Men feel that women with sexy spinal sulcus, whether standing or sitting, or lying, they seem to be a delicate and smooth curve, spread out and waist and hip, causing infinite imagination and desire. What attracts a man by virtue of the woman: the arm socket and the arm pocket are actually the “little nest” of the girl, but it seems that most of the girls’ nests are not obvious, because the arm of the hand is too much. This is a beautiful landscape that is often overlooked. The slim upper arm is the key to your arm and socket. Some men think it’s attractive because they think the more hidden a woman is, the more attractive it is. What attracts men by virtue of women: the depression formed by the navel of the navel and the abdominal muscles under the navel is called the navel, which is usually owned by a woman with a thin waist and a flat lower abdomen. The man said that if you look at the waist of such a woman, you will not be able to think of her lingering in bed. But many men can’t find such a beautiful belly button. They think that although many girls choose to show their body in the summer, many girls’ navel is not so attractive. In addition to the above five ditch, there is also a woman ditch that will attract men especially, but this ditch can only be seen between couples or couples. This is the gluteal groove. The gluteal groove can perfectly show the female