Method of improving the quality of sex by external force

How can a man give women a longer time to live in sex? A very effective way is timing. It doesn’t sound romantic at all, but it works very well. I recommend that men put a watch on the bed. In this way, he can look up from time to time in sex. There is an interesting phenomenon. When men’s sexual desires arise, they have great errors in their judgment of time, as if they are in a different time zone than women. The man seems to have been continually caressing for ten to fifteen minutes, in fact only a minute or two. If you really care for ten to fifteen minutes, men can begin to give women the stimulus they really need. At that time, the woman had been fully mobilized and it was easier to accept the man completely. If you want to do better love, sex life is more perfect and harmonious, of course, it is necessary to relax and relax both sides to fully participate in sex. . . Women need to relax first before they can slowly enter the role of sex. For this, men are generally very difficult to understand. This is because women and men are very different in this sense. Sometimes men only relax after reaching orgasm. Most women need to relax before they enjoy sex. In the book about sex, I often find a suggestion: a woman can dim the light before sex and carry out a long, warm bubble bath. I can hardly understand this until I realize the difference between men and women. If I wash a long, warm bath, I might fall asleep. However, now, I understand that women are relaxing in this way. The chair can not only rest, but also give you a relaxed and relaxed sex. This is a great way for those who are tired of coping with work every day, or who like to try fresh and exciting sex. However, it is best to choose a comfortable chair! The man sits on the chair and the woman sits on his lap like a chair. Her back should lean against the man’s chest. All the tasks are now handed over to the woman, but fortunately it is not difficult to do. With the help of her hands, her legs can move as fast or as desired. If the chair can’t be found at the moment, you should create a corresponding environment for yourself in bed. The man’s knees are on the ground and his hips are sitting on his ankles.