Men’s Reproductive Health Guide Premature Ejaculation

Premature ejaculation refers to the male during sexual life. The ejaculation occurs before the penis enters the vagina, or enters the vagina for a short period of time. In the absence of objective factors, early ejaculation occurs within 2 minutes. Faced with this obstacle to sexual life, many men have whitened their heads. For this reason, experts have proposed a self-help method for premature ejaculation. The male compatriots in need must pay attention. 1, sexual life, prostitution, long-term sexual intercourse, frequent masturbation leading to mental fatigue, is an important cause of premature read more

3 precautions for female chest maintenance

The chest is the most attractive part of a woman. Women who have strong, healthy breasts tend to be more confident. Today’s women also pay more attention to the health and maintenance of the chest. However, in daily life, how to maintain your own chest has become a headache for female friends. Many women think that their friends, because of the lack of knowledge of the care of the chest, not only did not protect the chest, but hurt it. Today, Xiaobian will introduce to you, what precautions should be taken during the maintenance of the chest. Not to massage the chest in many cases, although read more

Excessive cleaning can also cause gynecological diseases

Xiaoru is a white-collar worker who works in the company. He has always been uneasy. It turned out that she had genital itching in the past two days, washing can be improved, but it will soon itch again, and there is a tendency to increase. She is very worried and braved the heat to the gynecological clinic. After the doctor examined, Xiaoru’s vulva was swollen and there was a large amount of bean dregs-like leucorrhea in the vagina. The vaginal secretions showed fungus (+). The doctor told Xiaoru that she developed vulvovaginal candidiasis, also known as fungal vaginitis. Xiaoru is very read more

Eight must-see security measures before chastity

Shelter in the upper ring has become a more popular method, especially for women who do not want to wear condoms and take birth control pills after giving birth and having sex. However, there are still many loopholes and drawbacks in the contraceptive practice in the ring. Therefore, before deciding on the ring, you must be familiar with the eight safety measures. 1, the upper ring during the menstrual cycle: generally within 3 to 7 days after the menstrual clean, it is more suitable, because the chance of pregnancy during this time is very small, and the endometrium is proliferative, the inner read more

5 taboos that women must know about abortion

Today, with the development of medicine, painless people are well known. For many women who are pregnant unexpectedly, this is undoubtedly a savior. However, although it is said to be painless, the damage to women’s body and mind is still very large. In severe cases, it can cause various gynecological diseases or menstrual disorders and even infertility. Therefore, the human flow damage to the human body is already very large, which requires us to nurse well after abortion. The following five taboos should be taken care of after this abortion. Don’t eat cold foods. Don’t use read more

It is better to wear a set of contraceptive rings during the wedding

Some young newlyweds have no plans to become pregnant within a few years after marriage, so they chose to place the IUD. However, for newly married young women, it is feasible, but not optimal, to place the IUD. Program. What should be chosen is a less invasive, safer method of contraception. The contraceptive effect of the birth control device is affected by age. It seems to be a kind of contraceptive method once and for all, and after a few years of placement, if you want a child, take out the IUD, it does not affect the fertility function and the baby’s development, it looks like It read more

Three methods of healthy contraception in sexual life

Whether it is unmarried cohabitation, or if you don’t want children after marriage, you can say that the most fearful thing in this situation is accidental pregnancy. In order to prevent this accident, various contraceptive methods have become a hot spot of concern. Most people will choose the contraceptive method that suits them based on the quality of their contraceptive effects. However, the choice of contraception can not be seen directly in its effect, in real life, different contraceptive methods have different effects on sexual life. Condoms are the best choice if you can both contraception read more

Use oral contraceptives sloppy

Many people like to use oral contraceptives to achieve contraceptive effect. Indeed, oral contraceptives are simple and easy to perform, and the effect is better. It does not affect the sexual pleasure of both parties in the same room, so it is enthusiastically sought after by many couples. However, after oral contraceptives have to enter the human body, it is necessary to pay attention to some nutritional supplements during use, so that the damage received by the body is minimized. Today, let’s take a look at what we need to pay attention to when using oral contraceptives. Women who take read more

Do women have to make a month after the flow of women?

The flow of people has become one of the ways for women to contraception. With the advent of slogans such as painless people, more and more women have chosen this method. Although the convenient and fast flow of people solves the problem of unintended pregnancy for the majority of women. But at the same time, we also encountered another problem: In the end, the flow of people needs not to be a month? Xiao Bian recommended: Why do emergency contraceptives eat pregnancy condoms should pay attention to what problems many women are afraid that the family knows that they are a person, and they are read more

What time period puts the birth control ring “the most effective”

In marriage life, contraception is an eternal topic, and many couples choose to place an intrauterine birth control ring to effectively prevent contraception. However, the time of placement of the birth control ring is not the time to think about what time. Choosing a good time to place a couple can safely contraception, and placing it at the wrong time can affect your health. When is the birth control ring best placed? 1. It is also a good time to place the IUD after sex after sex. After the incident, women who are worried about pregnancy due to contraceptive measures or accidents (such as read more