Zhang Yuxi’s live broadcast recommended hundreds of thousands of netizens who said they could not afford it.

Star Network Information, Zhang Yuxi is a guest shopping app today, participate in live broadcast recommended good things activities. In order to get closer to the audience, Zhang Yuxi is also fighting, not only wearing a home dress, light makeup, but also sitting on the ground, the legs directly to the lens, even close to the people. The entire live broadcast attracted more than 400,000 netizens to watch, and the focus of the live broadcast. When netizens saw the good things recommended by Zhang Yuxi, they suddenly felt a little dumbfounded. Zhang Yuxi’s good things are very recommended. read more

Yang Yulin sent a reply to why she did not go to Gillian wedding

According to Taiwan media reports, Hong Kong entertainer Zhong Xinyi (Gillian) held a wedding banquet in Los Angeles on the 25th, US time, good sisters A Sa, Joey Yung, and Zheng Xiyi dowry as a sister group, friend Yang Yulin also Write a blessing in IG “Good feelings, congratulations.” However, Yang Fanlin also gave the answer. In the film released earlier, Gillian gaze happily in Lai Hongguo’s arms with a white gauze. Behind it is a blue sky, which symbolizes that the young couple will embark on a beautiful marriage life in the future. Lai Hongguo looks down at the bride read more

Peng Jiahui divorced and strong men street kisses were taken but the statement is only a good friend?

On the morning of the 6th, Peng Jiahui made a joint statement with her husband Wang Yiren on the social platform, acknowledging that the two had signed a divorce in March this year, and will still live together in the future to raise their children together. She said that the man who was photographed was a good friend. The two just embraced after drinking and are not lovers. You said that we met each other and hated it late. I said that it is not brave enough to love you. I declare a divorce with Wang Yiren, and I will still live together in the future to raise my children together. Divorced read more

Yu Wenle is cool and refreshing, short hair, handsome and cool.

Star Network wrote it on its own. On June 4th, the newly-married dad Yu Wenle made a handsome photo on Weibo and said: “There is time to get a haircut.” In the photo, Yu Wenle wears sunglasses and has just finished the cut hairstyle, handsome and stylish, cool and full. It seems that the baby singer Yu Wenle finally willing to leave the baby for a while. On May 12, 2018, Yu Wenle’s wife, Wang Xiaoyun, gave birth to his son Cody for Liu Shu. After his son was born, Yu Wenle frequently shared his son’s photos and the joy of his first father on the social networking read more

Hu Ge secretly sent a leukemia fan birthday gift Warm heart and positive energy idol! Let me know!

Star network information, remember the Hu Ge fans who were suffering from leukemia at the end of 17 years? At that time, Hu Ge knew this and took the initiative to contact the little girl and invited her to watch the drama “Dream of Dreams”. Now that she is on the birthday of the little girl, Hu Ge has commissioned the staff to send the cake. I have always kept fans in my heart, Hu Ge has a heart! It is said that Hu Ge is the only male star in China with more male powder than female powder. I don’t know if it is true, but I personally prefer Hu Ge Ge! I am a male. I think that read more

Yang overtook the large-scale “car accident scene” was dissed by the whole network, but Ella Hu Yanbin was moved to cry.

The latest issue of “Creation 101” ushered in the third performance, this time not only regrouped, but also invited six star seniors to make green leaves for the 101 sisters. I saw Wang Yibo, Xiong Yuqi, Mao is not easy, Hu Day, Wei Daxun, Xiao Zhan 6 out together, handsome out! The girl’s heart is overflowing with the screen and there is wood? I thought that there was a handsome blessing, the last performance was unsatisfactory Netizen crazy diss village flower Yang beyond classmates can really surpass themselves, no longer let fans disappointed. However, contrary to expectations, read more

The reason why Zhang Yixing Weibo was reported was because of this…..

Early in the morning, the first thing is really good. If you don’t go out, Zhang Yixing, the only artist in Asia who was invited by the brand in Paris Fashion Week, will not be on the hot search. However, Zhang Yixing’s Weibo has been reported and has time to pay attention to this. It’s better to look forward to the golden singer of our singer, and the good play with Huang Wei, and the third album of our second half of the year, “We are the third album of Yixing.” As a representative of the small meat after the 1990s, Zhang Yixing, in addition to his extraordinary strength read more

Li Yifeng claimed to be a mouse? Regardless of right or wrong, I’m afraid that I’m going to destroy the movie.

Li Yifeng recently promoted his new film “Animal World”. He said on the stage at a movie screening: “My propaganda pulled me nervously, saying that the next one is Douban. There are a lot of staff under the watercress. I have to say this thing, I am ‘not to say’ in Douban, because I sue them, I am afraid that because of this “mouse cockroach”, I destroyed this movie, I hope that the friends of Douban are merciless, no matter me. Whether it is right or wrong, I am here to recognize a mistake and recognize it. It is reported that since 2014, a large number read more






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