Sex and love, who is more attractive to men?

If sex is a sensory enjoyment, then love is more of a spiritual need. The combination of sex and love belongs to one of the most beautiful combinations. It grafts the naked flesh and the subtle spirit ingeniously, showing the most insatiable beauty in the world. Unfortunately, the ideal love of the ideal era has gone far away from us. Our love is so meager and embarrassing. The love of the common men and women is a compromise of the exchange of interests, or the confusion of drunken dreams. Because it is said that we have entered the post-modern era, many things should not be true, and the attitude read more

The most speechless award in the couple’s house!

The moonlight is clear, the day is full of chaos and horses, and the horse is finally able to sit quietly on the pillow. His look is blurred, his tender eyes are pleasing and longing, and the atmosphere is awkward. At this moment, you are extraordinarily enchanting in your eyes, and you have a mouth, but let the original passion The atmosphere immediately fell to the freezing point. This kind of thing happens often, can it not affect the sweet relationship between the sexes? So we have to plan ahead, don’t let such a low-level pillow language stir up the game. “Turn off the lights, read more

What are the factors that stifle sex life?

Home is a warm harbor, and it is also the best place for couples to be close, but if the home environment is not suitable, it is easy to kill people’s sexual feelings. Recently, the United States “Women’s Day” magazine published a cover article, taking stock of 10 factors that stifle sex life. Room messy American health lifestyle expert Dana & middot; Cray said that the messy disorder of sex is sometimes better than bad breath and body odor. If the room is full of bills, dirty clothes, and half of the work, you will definitely think: “I have to wash clothes, read more

Let love speed up the love 7 Raiders

Couples who have passed the love period will experience the flat period of feelings. Don’t think that there is no way for your feelings to heat up in a moment of calmness. Just use a few thoughtful thoughts, and your feelings will also sublimate instantly and promote the harmony of feelings. Today, let’s talk about it together, let the feelings quickly heat up the little Raiders. It is best to send a message to each other every day, not necessarily the content is related to I love you, but must express this meaning. It is best to estimate that she will turn off her sleep after the read more

What are the most common sexual life rumors?

In the relationship between men and women, sex life is inevitable, and everyone also pursues high-quality sex. However, many men and women have been affected by sexual rumors, so that they can’t get perfect sex. This is very sad. So today, let’s take a look at the most common sexual rumors. 1. A woman likes to let her enjoy sex. Anyone likes to let her enjoy sex. However, in terms of enjoyment, there is a difference between men and women. Men are focused on the squat, and women pay attention to the foreplay. Therefore, it is said that a woman likes a man can make her want to die, read more

Cooperate with men and women, don’t talk about love

Love can happen anywhere, in any environment, in any atmosphere. When not entering the society, the school is the cradle and germination of love. After entering the society, the world has a taste of love everywhere, and the office naturally does not leave this category. As a result, the office romance has arisen. However, the office is no better than the school, is it desirable to have love in this environment? Or is it reasonable? The office romance is not fragrant. The man you like is a talented person. Besides the work and dedication, the income is also very rich. You can’t understand read more

how to calculate ovulation period? What method is accurate?

how to calculate ovulation period? What method is accurate? There are many ways to calculate the ovulation period. Which method is the most accurate? Here are some calculation methods for your reference. Here, everyone is reminded that even during ovulation, pregnancy is not necessarily pregnant. Pregnancy requires many conditions. Ovulation is only one of them. Four methods alternately confirm whether it is ovulation day: 1. Ovulation calendar algorithm: According to the estimated return tide date, 14 days before the calculation, that is, ovulation day, if it is 11/16, the menstrual cycle is read more

How to calculate the ovulation period when the menstruation is not accurate?

How to calculate the ovulation period when the menstruation is not accurate? Nowadays, many women have irregular menstrual periods due to life, work stress, staying up late, long-term and coffee, etc., and cannot calculate the ovulation period. At this time, women can use ovulation test strips to recommend women to adjust their lives. Work habits, this will also help to regulate the menstrual period. How to calculate the ovulation period during the physiological period 1. The basal body temperature measurement method The basal body temperature method is a more accurate method for measuring the read more

How to arrange the same room in the ovulation period is the most easy to get pregnant

How to fast and effective pregnancy during ovulation is a way of doing things. Scientific arrangement in the same room helps to increase the chances of pregnancy and give birth to a smart and healthy baby. At the same time, we also need to understand the reasons for not ovulation, usually pay more attention to avoid affecting pregnancy. Next, let’s learn how to arrange the same room to get pregnant in the ovulation period! How to arrange the same ovulation period is the easiest to get pregnant. 1. Learn about the related sexual reproduction knowledge, learn to monitor ovulation, and accurately read more

Love Tip: Measuring body temperature to calculate ovulation

The ovulation period is not unfamiliar to everyone, and normal women of childbearing age will discharge a mature egg every month. If a woman’s menstrual cycle is normal, then she will only have one ovulation period per month and the ovulation period has a certain regularity. Mastering this law helps women’s physical health and health care. Let’s introduce a method of measuring body temperature to calculate ovulation period to help female friends master their own secrets. Normally, women of childbearing age come to menstruation once a month, from the beginning of this menstrual read more